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Cassidy Takes His First Formula E Win Despite Crashing

James Cassidy has taken his first Formula E win despite crashing at the start of the race, and the Brit is looking forward to...

Sisi and Biden discuss food security, energy in first meeting

In the lead up to the meeting, Vice President Biden met with leaders of several countries, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab...

India’s June WPI Inflation Stays Above 15% in June

In India, the wholesale price index, or WPI, captures the average movement of wholesale prices. It is often used as a deflator in the...

Melio to Integrate Payments Platform With Capital One Business

Small business cardholders can now pay their suppliers with their credit cards using a new system called Melio. Once the transaction is completed, the...

Tata Motors Plans to Sell 50000 Electric Vehicles in This Fiscal Year

By July the fourth of this year, Tata Motors will be selling 50000 electric cars, a target which it has set for itself. The...

Amazon and BT Share UK Rights to European Soccer

Amazon and BT are sharing the rights for European soccer starting on 1st July 2022. The deal is worth around US$1.1 billion over three...

Germany’s Plans to Spread Gas Price Risk

The German government has started to prepare for this scenario, and is debating a package of bills, which will most likely be used to...
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