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Cassidy Takes His First Formula E Win Despite Crashing

James Cassidy has taken his first Formula E win despite crashing at the start of the race, and the Brit is looking forward to his second full season with the series. He finished ahead of Lucas di Grassi, Robin Frijns, and Mitch Evans. Di Grassi finished second, and Frijns came third. Both Envisions will finish on the podium for the first time in 2022.

The race was stopped after a full course yellow was displayed. Although the race had already been stopped, the results were still unclear. However, the stewards took the classification of the previous lap to determine the winner. Although Cassidy was disappointed with his result, he was relieved to have finally taken his first Formula E win. The race returns to New York on July 16 2022 for the second round.

The weather conditions were challenging for all the drivers. In the final 10 minutes, standing water filled half the track and the drivers couldn’t avoid it. The leaders were hit first and couldn’t prevent themselves from sliding into the barriers. Next came Lucas di Grassi, Vandoorne, and Mortara. Finally, race control called the race, and Cassidy took the victory on a countback.

The championship leader Mortara was fifth and finished ahead of Wehrlein, while Buemi and Dennis were classified sixth and seventh. Despite the rain and his crash, both drivers were still in the points. In fact, Stoffel Vandoorne and Andre Lotterer were sixth and ninth at the time of the red flag, while Di Grassi, Mortara, and Bird were among the first seven cars to reach the finish line.

After the race, Mortara had to take a penalty for speeding while under full course caution. However, he still holds a five-point lead over Vandoorne. The FIA Formula E World Championship continues on Monday with the second New York E-Prix. Sign up for a free daily newsletter from Wide World of Sports and keep up to date with the exciting series.

Second and third positions went to Ben Alonso and Kevin Magnussen. The two teams also shared the fastest lap of the race, with Cassidy taking his first victory, despite crashing and spinning. The Mahindra Racing team finished third, but was unable to score any points. The race was stopped after a crash caused the fifth car to spin and was forced to retire.


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